R&D Skis: a brand new ski manufacturer 100% from Quebec focused on innovation.

Sherbrooke, September 4th, 2020 - (Caution: this press release might be a bit different than the ones you’re used to reading.)

Today is a big day! After years of dreaming, tons of trials, a few pints of beer (just a few?), hours and hours of dev work and 1 broken back, R&D Skis, a company from Sherbrooke and 100% from Quebec is born!

What’s the idea… a new ski company? Why?

Born from the imagination of a giant and crafty dreamer, the eternal optimism of a small marketing guy and a nerdy tech genius, R&D Skis joins the world of skiing by bringing an original experience that can be summed up in 3 steps:

We create our skis ourselves.
We build them ourselves.
We sell them ourselves.

Without any intermediaries, we’re capable of selling our high-quality skis at more than reasonable prices directly on our website. Not bad, right?

Living up to our artistic side!

In addition, because we love everything that is “beautiful”, we have decided to get real local artists to design our skis. This year, you can ski on masterpieces from Francis St-Onge, a photographer from the lower St-Lawrence region and Émile Esteban which comes to us straight from the French Alps. Their work makes our skis legitimate art pieces you’ll want to collect.

What about the actual ski…?

Now for the main focus: R&D = research and development. In sum, what this means is that our very serious ski-entifics have worked for years on developing THE perfect recipe for making skis… and that we spend all our winters on the slopes for testing. After years of tests, we’re overjoyed that this year, we finally have something serious. The “Tempête” is thus our very first model of skis. Whether you like to hit the slopes or prefer exploring the deep woods, it’s the perfect ski for our good old Quebec snowstorms. It’s slightly larger than conventional models but narrower than large skis made exclusively for powder and metres of snow often seen out West. You know, our winters here are more like a mix of snow, ice, and slush. Our ski is therefore perfect for all of that (given that you know how to ski of course).

I’m way too excited, give me a pair now!

No problem! However… for now, we only have very limited quantities! Only 100 pairs of skis will be available on September 8th. Don’t waste any time, go to and sign-up to reserve your pair!

I’m going crazy! I want some too, but with the colours of my business!

Sorry for repeating ourselves again, but no problem! Like the company Matelas Houde who has been manufacturing mattresses for 85 years in the Eastern Townships, you can have your customized skis created to fit your own branding! It’s a great way to distinguish yourself with personalized merchandise which is as we believe it… super original!

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